Join Us To Help Protect The American Constitution & Declaration of Independence.

Educating and instilling constitutional values is our goal.

We stand proudly supporting our American Constitution

“We the People”—does this ring a bell?

There was a time when both political parties could sit at the same table and discuss different views without starting a war with each other!

The purpose of this group is:

  • To educate people on the fundamental documents that created our Freedom.
  • To allow us to have differences of opinions and not feel angry or threatened.
  • To ask tough questions and to work together as a group for a solution to the problem.
  • To remove personal agendas from politics.
  • Bring back our country to represent Freedom created by the United States Constitution and teach all what it means to them.

We miss the days when we could all sit down with each other with an open mind and not feel threatened when we voice our opinion. We might not agree with one another, but we did have mutual respect for our differences. Shall we see if this group can do this? Can we bridge our emotions and find a place to listen to each other and grow as individuals? One critical thing – When you are on the middle ground – there is NO Democrat or Republican Parties here! NONE – we are just interested in the truth! NOT AGENDAS.

Welcome to “1776 American Empowered”!