About This Group

To Restore The American Dream

1776 American Empowered’s objective is to bring back a unified coalition that shares common goals related to American betterment through unalienable rights. Our intentions as a nation should be:

  • To be productive discourse and not bitter, personal attacks that bring about a deeper, irreconcilable division.
  • To be acceptable for countering views between people and political parties—we need to coexist without hurling insults or inciting violent outbursts.

Our goals of 1776 American Empowered

  • To educate others on our founding doctrine
  • To examine and advocate our civil rights of liberty
  • To create the spirit of unity for all Americans
  • To protect and preserve our Constitution

Here at 1776 American Empowered, and with your help, we’re working to bring back the balance tainted from greed and personal agendas in our political system.

United we stand – Divided we fall…