Stop Adding New Gun Control Laws!

Each state has clearly defined laws as to how to handle gun purchases. New laws only add more burden to the people who follow the rules. Criminals don’t care about the gun control laws. They purchase guns illegally and will continue to do so no matter how many laws are passed.

Don’t take our rights to self-protection away from us. 

Grand American Trap Shooting Championship at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, ILL

Sign the petition to stop the overwhelming addition of new gun control bills in the House and Senate.

Gun control laws start out sounding very practical and fair…when they are by themselves. But when you add up the myriad of bills being put through the Legislature each year, they add up to one thing – 2ND AMENDMENT INFRINGEMENT – IF you are a law-abiding citizen. That does not include all the new laws on top of existing laws that the states have in place.

These hard-fought protections are about to be lost forever due to radical policies.

Guns are for our protection and pleasure. Firearm safety is a must and education is encouraged to all. Legislators – Stop layering bill after bill, just because you want your names listed on pieces of legislation. You are only adding cumbersome weights on your law-abiding constituents. You are not going to stop illegal gun use.

Stop Adding Gun Control Laws

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9 signatures

Signature goal: 5000

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